Election Commission of Pakistan had issued a Names list of 54 fake degree holders parliamentarians. According to the resources at Supreme Court of Pakistan these fake degree holders are not eligible to contest the coming elections on May 11, 2013. The names of 54 fake degree holders forwarded by Higher Education Commission to the Election ...


Youtube still blocked in Pakistan: PTA


ISLAMABAD: There has been no decision to unblock YouTube nor was it officially opened according to the Director General of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Farooq Awan. Awan said the PTA would investigate those Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who opened the video sharing website in some cities of Pakistan on Monday. The DG PTA added that action would ...


Govt. unblocked youtube in Pakistan

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 18.00.21

Govt. of Pakistan has unblocked access to Youtube in Pakistan after a ban of three months. The complete details terms and conditions for unblocking the Youtube is yet not available. A complete ban on youtube was imposed following an anti-Islam movie uploaded on youtube. It is still unclear that if the Govt of Pakistan ...



Five people are dead and several others injured in a gas cylinder blast in a van on Multan Road, Lahore. According to details, gas cylinder of a van near sunder located at Multan Road, Lahore exploded with a big bang. Five people including husband, wife and two children are killed. Update :Seven people are burnt to death in Lahore ...



Interior minister Rehman Malik told the media that all illegal SIMs will be blocked from December 1st, 2012. He also told that media that as a result of today's suspension of mobile phone services there was no target killing in Karachi. He thanked all the political leaders of Pakistan for their support. Earlier this month PTA has issued a ...

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The cellular phone and PTCL wireless services remained blocked in large parts of the country today as part of government plans to avert terrorist acts on the occasion of Ashura-e-Muharram.  As part of government plans to avert terrorist acts on the occasion of Ashura-e-Muharram, the cellular phone services also remained suspended in most big cities of the country ...


Thesis 2.0 magazine skin using boxes and widgets

Thesis 2.0 Magazine Skin Theme

Thesis 2.0 framework is offering really wonderful way to setup different skins or child theme for a WordPress website.  Now setting up a News website or a Magazine is very easy. One can easily divide different parts of the websites using boxes and widgets to display different kind of static or interactive contents. Thesis 2.0 offers a very simple ...


Google analytics setup in thesis 2.0 framework

Google Analytics Setup in Thesis 2.0

Thesis 2.0.x framework is a (current version is 2.0.2) is a reinvention of the Wordpress themes. According to DIYthemes thesis 2.0 Makes Your WordPress Website Load Faster, Rank Higher, and Look Better. Thesis 2.0 framework is entirely different from thesis 1.x providing different options to design a wordpress site. Google analytics offers a great way to monitor and track website or ...


285 .PK websites including google.com.pk hacked

Google .PK website hacked

Google Pakistan (google.com.pk) and 284 other .PK websites has reportedly been hacked by an international hacker group EBOZ, blocking access for consumers of various internet providers. Today (Saturday) morning, attempts to access Google Pakistan (google.com.pk) led to a page which had been hacked and defaced. Hackers swapped the Google logo and a search bar with an image of ...